So the launch on August 1st didn’t go to plan. Where do I begin? With two weeks quarantine before I can start work and not a lot else to do than write, what better time to get the website up and running. Lots of ideas and lots of free time to work on them, what could possibly go wrong? The thing with a website it that it requires the internet, and certain countries don’t have the same information superhighway capability as others. Some have poor speeds, some have browsing limitations, thankfully I’m in country that has excellent speeds and not too many restrictions on what you can look at.

Unsurprisingly what can go wrong will go wrong.

In a country with excellent surfing speeds and only a few restrictions, I was stuck in accommodation with what seemed like a 1997 dial up modem and and the ability to look at literally the entire internet with the exception of or any other whisky website for that matter.

Have no fear, the trusty book of notes tasting notes will come to the rescue.

So this was the day that I developed a certain respect for prison novelists. Talking and writing about about whisky, I’ve never really struggled for words. Though it’s not always easy to describe flavours in an exciting manor, for example I once heard of a whisky described as tasting of wet cardboard. Now all I can ever taste in that dram is wet cardboard and I’d struggle to ever describe it in any other way, in theory you should always be able to write tasting notes because it’s just nose, taste, pallet and possibly feel/texture with colour thrown in if you are that way inclined. Write what you taste simple! Nope, not today. I had words in front of me but inside those four plain white walls and not a lot else to look at, the words did not want to flow. I’ve written plenty post tasting notes tasting notes in the garden or on the way to work but with no inspiration, even though the words were right in front of my eyes they just didn’t make sense.

I did manage to manage translate a few of the hyrogliphs from my trusty spring bank tasting book, but largely the two weeks was a failure on that front.

I managed to jot down some things for other pages on the site, but for the amount of time that went into it I couldn’t help feeling deflated.

Day 16

On day 16 of my 14 day quarantine period a miracle happened(not sure how that maths works but that’s how it happened). The internet came in to the 21st century, the speed was ample and I could finally log on to the site editor. To little too late, I was now leaving and it was time to go to work, and work we have. In any normal job evenings and weekends would allow time a plenty to get the show on the road, not this one it’s been 1000mph since we got here and shows no sign of slowing for a few weeks yet.

All was not lost, one pretty cool contribution to the site came during those underwhelming few weeks but that’s a story for a later date.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you’re enjoying the limited site we have so far. 🥃

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