Who are we?

I’m David the main whisky enthusiast of the Wash House, the team also includes my lovely girlfriend and though she doesn’t drink whisky she does take a good snap. The rest of the folk are friends with varying degrees of tasting experience helping with everything from tasting to proof reading. What want is to share our passion for whisky with the world and make a friendly and easily accessible platform for people with all levels of whisky experience to come together and share their experiences, hopefully helping each other out along the way.

Why the website?

Many of you may have followed us on instagram. As the insta page has grown so have our ideas. Social media is an amazing platform for whisky and has definitely done wonders for the industry, but my thinking is that it’s too one dimensional for all of the different areas we would like to explore. What initially was going to be a blog has already grown so to prevent things seeming hap hazard or out of place the website was the way forward.

From tasting to distillery tours, the history of the to the future of the global whisk(e)y, we’d like to grow the page to cover ever aspect of our beloved aqua vitae.

Do I come from a whisky back ground or work in the industry? I have no industry experience but what I do have is lots and lots time spent trying different whiskies, touring distilleries and the eagerness to try a whole lot more.

So am I a journalist or do I have any writing credentials? Also no, but I’m very eager to learn, I’m honest and never looking to bad mouth anyone. I think honesty is the key to any kind of writing but at the same time you don’t need to ruin people in the process.

Thanks for reading we hope you enjoy the site.