“I’ve never found a Whisky I liked…but mamma didn’t raise a quitter”


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my little corner here at the Washhouse. I am Emma and the other half of Washhouse David. I invite you to join me on my journey as I am introduced to and navigate the massive world that is Whisky. I am expecting a rocky journey, travelling the breath of Scotland and beyond; but first getting my learners permit with (Whisky) cocktails.

On the eve of World Whisky Day 2021 I felt like I was missing out on the water of life. For so long David had tried to get me to nose and taste Whisky but I only ever got so far as taking the odd snap for insta. Not that he ever complained at the distillery tastings when he got to have my share mind…but not any more sir! Not any more.

Now let this Journey begin …

Dipping my toe in at the shallow end