Hero’s And Heretics 48

10 year old blended scotch

Bottle No 506/800

48% ABV

Nose: Sweet with hints of smoke though not necessarily peat. It reminds me of a whisky from my childhood(and who doesn’t like a trip down memory Lane). Malty with slight polished leather. I initially got waxy notes but they seemed to disappear. It has a Christmassy feel not just from the spices, but also when your stood next to a bratwurst stall at the Christmas market and even some brine/hotdog water thrown in.

There are various depths to this bottling, and some remind me of an older refined version of a cheaper unnamed blend.

On the nose the longer I have it the more I like this dram.

A real scotchy scotch whisky, the Sherry influence is prominent but for me it starts out more of a malt drink before the Sherry starts coming through. Freshly opened printer paper has to be mentioned.

Adding water opens up the dried fruits though that wasn’t really an improvement.

On the pallet, I first got slightly bitter waxed leather. There are notes of dark fruit but not as much as some sherried whiskies, I like that about it. For me it tries to be a whisky persons whisky rather than a ‘Sherry bomb’(I could be massively wrong about that last statement), but the longer it sits the more the Sherry comes through and I think that’s a quite clever balance.

Old school jelly beans.

Some coco notes make it a petty bold drink, the pepper rounds it off quite nicely.

An almost dry finish, that leaves a lot of sweetness and some kind of fruit cordial. After a while it left cracked black pepper on the tip of the tongue.

The more I drink the more it evolves from malty to sherried.

Water did not improve this dram in my opinion, but in my opinion it never does. I suppose it does speed up the sherried influence if that’s what you’re looking for but it’s better without, trust the blender.

Even though I wont be making it my go to drink, with there only being 800 bottles made I’m very glad that I got to try it.