13th May 2021

With World Whisky Day around the corner, and as a non-whisky drinker I thought I would see what it was all about.

Having said that, jumping into the 40% + that the connoisseurs drink was a bit too risky for this newbie. So I decided to give 5% Jameson triple distilled Irish whisky with ginger ale and lime a try.

Jameson Ginger Ale & Lime

To get the full experience I decided to use a nosing glass rather than the usual hi-ball, or drinking from the can. My instant thoughts were on how dark the colour was, a more brassy look than the light amber I expected from others whisky’s I had seen.  The bubbles were also an added touch courtesy of the ginger ale. 

In true whisky tasting fashion I gave it a good nose and as you would expect the drink had a sweet smell to accompany it, but surprisingly I didn’t smell the ginger but a more toffee like smell.

So onto the taste; I was instantly shocked at how easy I found this to drink. It has a smoothness to it which is what you would expect from a Jameson whisky (or so I am told).  The drink itself had a sugary, syrup like taste and I found the ginger to give it a smoky feel.

For those whisky virgins wanting to give it a try, I would recommend this as a starting point. I will definitely be trying this again; and who knows maybe I can make it onto the “real” stuff in time for our own whisky cask maturing.