View of Ben Nevis from our room at the Rowens guest house Fort William.

Ben Nevis 18 year old- old particular

 Bottler-Douglas Laing

Vintage 2001

Cask no 13369

1 of 290 bottles 

48.4% Abv

To the eye it’s the perfect example of the amber nectar (no not the Australian lager).

The nose is an instant rich hit of treacle molasses followed up with liquorice and toffee, but then becomes fresh and clean.

On returning there’s still treacle this time followed by dried fruits.

An amazingly smooth dram, though there is the slightest spice tickle that flutters across the tongue, but it’s not strong enough to make it around the whole mouth. Not a broad spectrum of flavours. Though a relatively rich dram the flavours come somewhat delicately.

The dried fruits and berry’s are there no mistaking with also some apple. The liquorice is a lot more understated with added grains. 

The finish seems older and more robust than when on the pallet. Grandads old whisky cupboard that I often refer too is definitely present. After the richer dried fruit and old cupboard it fades like the nose with a certain freshness.

*With regards to the freshness it comes minutes later.

I wish I had more.