View from the our room at Raasay Distillery

Bottled in 2015 at 46.8% using Islay, Orkney, Arran and Jura malts.

On the nose you get taken to fisherman’s hut by the sea, his fire mixing with the scent of the harbour. sulphur not really old science class sulphur more a fresh from the earth, a Giza possibly the shot of an old hammer lock musket, this rolls into flint but surprisingly ending with sweet floral notes next to a bbq

Instant hit of salt slight pepper corn and smoke mix, then a fresh sweetness, heather turning into a more creamy sulphur and Clove.

The finish is mild but does hang around for a while in the form of clove and pepper corn, peat, salt and a sherbet fizz ending.

Simply put it’s the islands in a bottle. Top of the cap to the team at Douglas Laing on this one.

Tobermory 12

Bottled at 46.3% after 12 years in American oak casks, this is a relatively new addition to the Tobermory family having only been released in 2019.

Light on the nose , very slight ginger, white fruits and freshly cut timber 

On first opening there’s an Instant but mild hit of spice, some dried fruit then on to a ginger nut citrus dessert with an afterthought of salt and grape. Given chance to sit for a while the sweeter dried fruits come through and make it a more flavoured experience. 

Not the most sumptuous feeling in the mouth but does leave a nice coating that resonates dried fruit, malt and wood.