Annandale Man ‘o’ Words

Ex-bourbon cask No 312 

Bottled @59% 

Nose-That instantly inviting aroma familiar to many a bourbon cask. The vanilla is sweet and almost perfumed. Rich hay with tropical fruit again perfumed. (Perfumed to the point I had to smell my hands to make sure I wasn’t picking up hand wash). 

After settling it in the glass for 15-20 minutes came note notes of Creme Anglaise 

On the pallet this the smoothest 59% single cask I’ve had in a long time. Possibly the smoothest whisky of its age I’ve had at cask strength. 

Such a summery dram that you can almost hear Pop Larkin whistling the Darling buds of may theme tune. Apples and pears with the fragrance of an essential oil that I can’t put my finger on, but if you’ve ever visited a perfumery in the Middle East you might be able to tell me what it is. 

Vanilla is followed by rich raisin and desiccated coconut. 

I keep going back to it, but this is such a fragrant dram that it’s really taken me by surprise. 

Anyone trying this dram will do well to either pour a large glass or let it stand as it grows and grows the more time it spends in the glass.