Wax House Edition No3

Distillery: Linkwood

Age: 10 years

Bottled at 50.1%

First Fill Red Wine Barrique.

One of 310 bottles.

Distilled: May 2010

Bottled: December 2020

Region: Speyside

This is a particularly interesting bottle for tasting notes as in the week or so that I’ve had it open, I’ve had various different flavours come through.

Here are the notes from the first time I popped the cork.


A brief hint of cherry juice from concentrate, honey and sweet tobacco, grape and apple.

Caramel becomes prominent the longer it stands.


Smooth with very little heat for the 50.1% alcohol in the glass. Not as sweet as the nose might suggest. Grape spirt reminiscent of the Italian lakes, malt and wood are joined by rich dark fruits and almond.


Rich currents, candied rind and quite long.

I’ve gone back to this dram a couple of times this week and noticed notes of butter coming through on the pallet and it’s becoming slightly warmer.

On the nose the more times I’ve opened the bottle the more the wine influence is there, it’s also become richer.

I’ll be honest this was a tough set of notes for me as I’m getting different flavours every time. That’s what I like about it, I’ve still not got my head around it fully but I think my first notes were under the best conditions so they’re the ones I’m going with.

I’ll do another set in time and see how they compare. That’s the advantage of having a brain like a sieve, impartial notes every time.

Tamnavulin Sherry Cask Edition

This is the first ever review from a friend and reader of the wash house. Only a short piece but everyone has to start their whisky journey somewhere. I’m happy that we’ve been sent this as it’s the first content not written by myself, hopefully it will encourage others to write in. 

Looks like the tree sap the mosquito was trapped in at the beginning of Jurassic park, washed with a tinge of rose. 

Smell conjure images of golden syrup mixed with dried fruits, near an open fire. 

Hot and immediate, sweet and lively caramel taste with a smooth short finish. 

Well done paul on your first ever tasting notes. I’ve not had the pleasure of trying this dram so I can neither agree or disagree, one thing I will say is I’ll join you for a drop of it sometime in the new year. P.S Great snap.

Distillery: Dailuaine

Bottler: Scotch Malt Whisky Society 

Cask: 41.107 Refill Bourbon 

Vintage: 17/02/2007-2017


Strength:60.1% vol

This Dailuaine is described as hot dandelion and ginger root tea with cinnamon and honey. Sadly I’ve never tried dandelion tea so I can’t compare.

I definitely picked up some honey notes though the nose has a sweetness to it, it’s not too complex. With water added there is definitely coconut but adding too much completely ruined this dram for me so I’d say a coupe of drops at most.

Tasting is described as chocolate chilli cherry cookies and spiced orange shortbread. The chocolate notes are present, I once had Ker Royal toasted marshmallow and it took me back to that.

Again with water you get the coconut and some vanilla.

The finish isn’t particularly long, in the smws description they mention spearmint flavours i got a little of this but the finish wasn’t long enough to take much more from it.

Overall it’s a fair dram, I know plenty of people that would positively gush over this bottle as they like a nice easy drink and you can get a fair few different flavours the more you revisit it. I still can’t get my head around it fully, one sip can have a lot going on but the next can be lacking.

Distillery: Linkwood

Bottler: The old malt cask

Cask: Single Refill Hogshead

Vintage: June 1997-2017


Strength: 50% vol

Nose: Slight honey dried fruit, dusty and mature like opening grandads old whisky cupboard, light wood and polish , a creamy coffee with some burnt cinder toffee.

Pallet: A smooth dram, penny bubble gum turns into tropical fruit. The rich sweetness takes me to a slight drop of runny honey.

Finish: Smooth yet lingering, honeysuckle melon, slight pepper with late woody notes.

Image by The Grail Doune

Distillery: Speyside Distillery


Cask: Bourbon 

Bottles: 18000

Strength: 46%

Nose: Initial Marzipan and Play-doh followed by Grape soda and slight honey.

Pallet: The sweetness of the Grape soda is there from the beginning, slightly sweet cigar smoke with a late following of foam banana. 

Finish: A little creamy chocolate, foam banana with a pinch of pepper.